Implementing Targeting The Website to Specific Country on SEO

Implementing Targeting The Website to Specific Country on SEO

Implementing Targeting The Website to Specific Country on SEO

Every search engines has their own algorithm. And based on their own algorithm the displaying for the results based on keyword typed from the users. To targeting the website to specific country or targeting visitors from certain demography, we can use meta language on our website. Here is the complete list languages ID for your on your meta tags based on ISO 3166-1


English short name (upper/lower case) Alpha-2 code
Afghanistan AF
Åland Islands AX
Albania AL
Algeria DZ
American Samoa AS
Andorra AD
Angola AO
Anguilla AI
Antarctica AQ
Antigua and Barbuda AG
Argentina AR
Armenia AM
Aruba AW
Australia AU
Austria AT
Azerbaijan AZ
Bahamas BS
Bahrain BH
Bangladesh BD
Barbados BB
Belarus BY
Belgium BE
Belize BZ
Benin BJ
Bermuda BM
Bhutan BT
Bolivia, Plurinational State of BO
Bonaire, Sint Eustatius and Saba BQ
Bosnia and Herzegovina BA
Botswana BW
Bouvet Island BV
Brazil BR
British Indian Ocean Territory IO
Brunei Darussalam BN
Bulgaria BG
Burkina Faso BF
Burundi BI
Cambodia KH
Cameroon CM
Canada CA
Cape Verde CV
Cayman Islands KY
Central African Republic CF
Chad TD
Chile CL
China CN
Christmas Island CX
Cocos (Keeling) Islands CC
Colombia CO
Comoros KM
Congo CG
Congo, the Democratic Republic of the CD
Cook Islands CK
Costa Rica CR
Côte d’Ivoire CI
Croatia HR
Cuba CU
Curaçao CW
Cyprus CY
Czech Republic CZ
Denmark DK
Djibouti DJ
Dominica DM
Dominican Republic DO
Ecuador EC
Egypt EG
El Salvador SV
Equatorial Guinea GQ
Eritrea ER
Estonia EE
Ethiopia ET
Falkland Islands (Malvinas) FK
Faroe Islands FO
Fiji FJ
Finland FI
France FR
French Guiana GF
French Polynesia PF
French Southern Territories TF
Gabon GA
Gambia GM
Georgia GE
Germany DE
Ghana GH
Gibraltar GI
Greece GR
Greenland GL
Grenada GD
Guadeloupe GP
Guam GU
Guatemala GT
Guernsey GG
Guinea GN
Guinea-Bissau GW
Guyana GY
Haiti HT
Heard Island and McDonald Islands HM
Holy See (Vatican City State) VA
Honduras HN
Hong Kong HK
Hungary HU
Iceland IS
India IN
Indonesia ID
Iran, Islamic Republic of IR
Iraq IQ
Ireland IE
Isle of Man IM
Israel IL
Italy IT
Jamaica JM
Japan JP
Jersey JE
Jordan JO
Kazakhstan KZ
Kenya KE
Kiribati KI
Korea, Democratic People’s Republic of KP
Korea, Republic of KR
Kuwait KW
Kyrgyzstan KG
Lao People’s Democratic Republic LA
Latvia LV
Lebanon LB
Lesotho LS
Liberia LR
Libya LY
Liechtenstein LI
Lithuania LT
Luxembourg LU
Macao MO
Macedonia, the former Yugoslav Republic of MK
Madagascar MG
Malawi MW
Malaysia MY
Maldives MV
Mali ML
Malta MT
Marshall Islands MH
Martinique MQ
Mauritania MR
Mauritius MU
Mayotte YT
Mexico MX
Micronesia, Federated States of FM
Moldova, Republic of MD
Monaco MC
Mongolia MN
Montenegro ME
Montserrat MS
Morocco MA
Mozambique MZ
Myanmar MM
Namibia NA
Nauru NR
Nepal NP
Netherlands NL
New Caledonia NC
New Zealand NZ
Nicaragua NI
Niger NE
Nigeria NG
Niue NU
Norfolk Island NF
Northern Mariana Islands MP
Norway NO
Oman OM
Pakistan PK
Palau PW
Palestine, State of PS
Panama PA
Papua New Guinea PG
Paraguay PY
Peru PE
Philippines PH
Pitcairn PN
Poland PL
Portugal PT
Puerto Rico PR
Qatar QA
Réunion RE
Romania RO
Russian Federation RU
Rwanda RW
Saint Barthélemy BL
Saint Helena, Ascension and Tristan da Cunha SH
Saint Kitts and Nevis KN
Saint Lucia LC
Saint Martin (French part) MF
Saint Pierre and Miquelon PM
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines VC
Samoa WS
San Marino SM
Sao Tome and Principe ST
Saudi Arabia SA
Senegal SN
Serbia RS
Seychelles SC
Sierra Leone SL
Singapore SG
Sint Maarten (Dutch part) SX
Slovakia SK
Slovenia SI
Solomon Islands SB
Somalia SO
South Africa ZA
South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands GS
South Sudan SS
Spain ES
Sri Lanka LK
Sudan SD
Suriname SR
Svalbard and Jan Mayen SJ
Swaziland SZ
Sweden SE
Switzerland CH
Syrian Arab Republic SY
Taiwan, Province of China TW
Tajikistan TJ
Tanzania, United Republic of TZ
Thailand TH
Timor-Leste TL
Togo TG
Tokelau TK
Tonga TO
Trinidad and Tobago TT
Tunisia TN
Turkey TR
Turkmenistan TM
Turks and Caicos Islands TC
Tuvalu TV
Uganda UG
Ukraine UA
United Arab Emirates AE
United Kingdom GB
United States US
United States Minor Outlying Islands UM
Uruguay UY
Uzbekistan UZ
Vanuatu VU
Venezuela, Bolivarian Republic of VE
Viet Nam VN
Virgin Islands, British VG
Virgin Islands, U.S. VI
Wallis and Futuna WF
Western Sahara EH
Yemen YE
Zambia ZM
Zimbabwe ZW


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Managing online marketing strategy more effective, efficient and resulting High ROI


Penetrating the business using online marketing

Managing online marketing strategy more effective, efficiency and resulting High ROI.Penetrating the business using online marketing

The rapid growing of internet users nowadays makes a new market opportunities in the business. By this conditions, that’s why some companies started to penetrating their sales and marketing strategy using online marketing or almost similiar like this formula below :

Sales and Marketing Strategy = Offline  + Online

Because this posting is more specific to online, then I will focusing my posting on online especially on search engine optimization (seo), search engine marketing and social media marketing issues. The correlation of 3 (three) subjects issues mention above related to sales and marketing strategy can be categorized into 2 areas because the purposes of using the media :

a. Search engine optimization (SEO) + Search Engine Marketing (PPC) = Sales and Marketing Purposes

The purposes of search engine optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (PPC) is  for sales and marketing purposes because all peoples will be using products/services/information by depending on the search engines.

The ideal is using both because both has strong and weakness point. (Search engine optimization (SEO) vs Search engine marketing (PPC) that will be posting later )

b. Social media marketing = Marketing purposes

The purposes of social media marketing is only for marketing purposes only such as building awareness, maintain awareness and etc. The stronger brand built later will be impact to the more benefit to sales  later.

Here’s I updated the blog the TOP 5 reasons the benefit of digital marketing (Source : APAC 2013)

Top 5 reason using digital marketing released on APAC 2013

Top 5 reason using digital marketing released on APAC 2013

Branding through Search Engine Optimization ( SEO )

When we take a look of a the subject ” Branding through SEO (Search Engine Optimization) ”  and summarize it’s from job specialization areas perception, I believe that we never see a correlation between both job specialization.  Branding is a part of marketing and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a part of IT.

When I am trying to write this post, It drives me to one famous name and his theory when I studied on a University.
He is Dr. Philip Kotler – Marketing Professor and Consultant and ” 4P theory which stands for price-place-product-promotion on his book Marketing management “.


Branding Strategy using Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Branding using SEO (Search Engine Optimization) or Branding Strategy using Search Engine Optimization (SEO)


A brand is a “name, term, design, symbol, or any other feature that identifies one seller’s good or service as distinct from those of other sellers – Taken from wikipedia. Nowadays brand is not only limited to company, good or service but has more wider terminology. It could be a person that popular as ” Personal brand “.

Branding may refer to the brand itself or its activities to win the customers loyalty, awareness, market share and any others.  So based on the both terminology, branding could be categorized as a product or promotion on 4P theory which is part of marketing. But for this topic ” Branding through SEO (Search Engine Optimization) ” is more precisely for the second terminology which is Promotion Tool.


SEO benefit for branding or As a part of Promotion ?
Why the website should be optimized for the search engine?
1. Majority  factors : Majority people go directly to the address for the  website in case of opening email, reading newspaper or usual activity  and Majority people will using a search engines to find an information needed for the unusual activity such as looking for suppliers, etc.

2. Assume for a new product or branding strategyIn order to building a brand, the first step/activity always starting from introducing the product or services to the market. If your website has been optimized by SEO it means that SEO services help you introducing your product or services. From unknown to become known or the ideal expectation is most popular product or services.
3. Search engines doesn’t display the result based on the popular brand. They display the result objectively. They just only looks like a machine, have  their own algorithm to displaying the results based on the keywords typed and the SEO services provided by SEO Specialist, SEO Expert, Professional SEO or Master of SEO benefit your site or product to display on a  common page visit by the search engine (Maybe page 1-4 or SERP – Search Engine Result Page) . See also PageRank vs Search Engine Result Page and Benefit on Marketing

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Free Tutorial Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Tutorial – Intermediate Level

I convinced to all you that I also offering for a hosting services. But there’s no reason for me or this posting will become subjective about how to get a better position using a search engine optimization technique.  Promise you that this posting will be objectively without promotion purpose.

Rule no. 3  Hosting Services

Hosting service has an indirect influence or impact for your search engines optimization. How?

1. Uptime factors

To analyzing or gathering information about the website, the search engine crawling your site to indexing all information about your site, summarizing and then based on their own algorithm displaying the results of relevant keywords. When your hosting providers uptime level is not good or the worst is down then when the search engines crawling your site then they will found that the website is no longer exist. Then the search engines automatically removed your site from their list. And in fact, to get a better positions based on SEO techniques it will not depends on listing on the search engines only. The problem when we talking about SEO, the site is listing on the strategic position, not just only listed on the search engines.

2. Banned Factors

Hosting providers has a lot of clients, please note maybe you never doing something prohibited such spamming or any others but if your site  example has a same IP adddress which banned by search engines because indicating some spamming or any others activity then your site automatically will be banned by the search engines.

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Basic Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Tutorial – Part 2

Beside rule no 1. Having own domain (see Basic Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Tutorial – Part 1).

On this short posting, I will write about Rule no.2 to have more optimization on the search engines.

Rule no.2 Adding Meta Tag to page.

Meta tag is one of the most important things to input in a web page in order to have more optimization on the search engines. On meta tag we provide information about a a website that will help the search engines categorize them when crawling.

Meta tag can’t be seen on the site page but the search engines do. They crawling the information of your site on your meta tag. A meta tag is adding on the html code and must put between <head> and </head>.

To add or edit this you must have an editor program. You can use Microsoft frontpage or PsPad Editor that can be download for free.

Ok,  I imagine that you have open the editor program like Frontpage. Please click the code menu on the right corner  like image below, then the page will displaying based on HTML code :


Again, please note that “A meta tag imust put between <head> and </head>. ”


There is 3 main subject information must written  on meta tag. There are title, description and keywords and their format is like image below :

free-search-engine-optimization-tutorial 2

Replace … with your own information.

Example :

<title>EdRic Hosting</title>
<meta name=”description” content=”Offers hosting services, domain registration and transfer domain” />
<meta name=”keywords” content=”edric hosting, hosting services,  domain registration, transfer domain” />
Please do not input the description and keywords to much, if you do that the search engines will be indicating your site as a spamming site and the automatically put your site on the strategic page (page 1-3) on their results.

Ok, This is the end of Free Basic Search Engine Optimization Tutorial – Part 2.

Have a nice try and good luck. *)

*) If you site hasn’t placed on the strategic page

1. You can use paid advertising such as google adwords to help boosting the traffic.

2. Asking assistance from SEO expert/specialist.

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Basic Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Tutorial – Part 1

As my promise on my last post about Search Engine Optimization (SEO), herewith I posting “Basic Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Tutorial“.

Before we going further, first let’s take a look of the what is domain names, subdomain and TLD :

A domain name is an identification string that defines a realm of administrative autonomy, authority, or control on the Internet. A domain name consists of one or more parts, technically called labels, that are conventionally concatenated, and delimited by dots. *)

example as,,

*) taken from Wikipedia ”

A domain consists of a name identification and TLD. From sample above,, , “google, yahoo and bing” is a domain name which using TLD .com. The are many TLD which is .com, . net, .org,,, .biz. The most popular TLD is .com. Meanwhile using any others .TLD such as .net, .biz. org and so on has no effect on search engines.

Subdomain is a small part of the domain. example,

The domain names of sample above is and the subdomain is and (please see the underline word).


Rule no 1. Domain names

“The reason I suggest you to use a domain than a subdomain because the search engines prefer to prioritizing a site rather than the site which using a subdomain”. See sample below :

free seo tutorial

 free-seo-tutorial 2

free-seo-tutorial 3

As seen on 3 images above using a keyword “free website hosting with no forced ads”, google displaying 3.640.000 results info related to the keyword typed above. And there is just 2 sites displayed by google using a subdomain which is no 7 (bullhoster) and no 10 (edrictj).

Imagine if all sites displayed by google above using a SEO technique, then analyzing from the result above we can say the site no 7 and no 10 is more optimize on the SEO technique rather than the rest because  :

“Rule No 1. – Search engine prefer to displaying the site which use a domain. And There is 3.640.000 results which mean one compete to anothers but the site which using a subdomain beat to the rest which using a domain.”

On SEO, position is not very important. The most important is “do your site displaying on the page 1-3?” (See also Search Engine Optimization)

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Services and It’s Benefit

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and SEO Benefit

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and It’s Benefit


I post this topic “Search Engine Optimization ( SEO )” because it’s one of the most important for success on internet marketing.

There is 2 ways to attracting  site visitors, by using a  :

  1. Online Paid advertising or Paid Per Click Program such as Google Adwords, etc 
  2. Search Engine Optimization ( SEO )

Why SEO is most important?

  1. The answers from above question is gain site traffic visitors from the search engines results.
  2. Get a  new potential customers which need products/services and use the search engines to looking for information/products/services they are needed.
  3. Promotion of Product/Services/Website.
  4. Branding and Increasing Brand Awareness.
  5. Public figures may increasing their followers and fans.
  6. Can be using for Marketing Intelligence, Public Relations


Nowadays, every peoples using an internet and will be using search engines by typing the relevant keywords when looking for products/services/information.

The search engines like google, bing, yahoo, etc will display all of the result related to the relevant keywords typed.

Basically the search engines will be objectively in order to displaying the results based on what keywords typed. The results displayed is not based on brand or whatever.  To displaying the results, every search engines has their own algorithm. This algorithm later will decide what sites will be displaying and prioritizing the results based on relevant keywords typed.

Example :

When I typed the keywords ” free website hosting with no forced ads “ because I want to looking for the site for provides free hosting with no obligation to put the ads on my site. It displays 66.700.000 sites as image belows :

So from image result above, imagine if there is 66.700.000 sites excluding the 3 sites on pink background *) related to the keywords that we have typed! We have 1/66.700.000 ratio of possibilities.

*) pink background = the paid advertising on google.

Why this result happened?

Because every search engines has an algorithm. Such as google, that just updated their algorithm called google panda and google penguin and google hummingbird that will displaying the result based on the site quality and any others algorithm. A new challenges to the expert of search engine optimization.

What SEO specialist/expert do ?

The SEO Specialist, SEO Expert, Professional SEO Services or Master of SEO will optimizing your site based on primary keywords in common pages visiting by the site visitors. Why I said common pages? Even I am never doing a research but we can start with question “Ask yourself?”  Do you always looking for an information until more than 4 pages when searched the information on the search engines? I believe just a few peoples will do that.

The SEO specialist/expert do is almost similar like breaking the algorithm of search engines in order to displayed your site on common pages. But I prefer to say making your site familiar with their algorithm and giving instructing to the search engines for prioritizing the site for top position rather breaking the algorithm.

Sample project

Ok, let’s take a look a real from my SEO project below:

Here is the address of the site that I manage for SEO services : and the result on search engines using the keywords “free website hosting with no forced ads”.

Keyword free website hosting with no forced ads

 From the results displayed above. There is 4.240.000 sites that related on keywords ” Free website hosting with no forced ads “. And the site that I manage ( is listed on number 1 of 4.240.000 sites.

Interactive SEO Results – Check your site visibility here by typing the keywords *)

*) I suggest that don’t typing the keywords of your company or brand but the general keywords that people searching for example cheap tickets, etc.

Please note that position is not very important on SEO, the most important is “On what page the site displayed on the search engine results (SERP/Search engine result page) ?”


So, do the site that has been optimized by a SEO will be always on common page (Top Position)?

The answer is “no if the site will always on top page for every keywords. But yes for your primary keywords that has been choosing for SEO.”

If you have website and wants to having more traffics than current, here is the sample Professional SEO services  packages. That’s it the end of SEO articles.  See you on the next articles.

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